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Legal Assistance and Representation for Whistleblowers

With years of practice and experience in international tax law, including at the OECD as member of the BEPS Project, Pierre Farge is deeply aware of tax evasion and its harmful effects on public good. Therefore, he is thoroughly convinced that effective whistleblower protection is essential in recovering unpaid taxes.

lanceurs d'alerte victoire aux prudhommesPierre Farge has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in whistleblower protection. He is thus recognized as one of the few French lawyers able to assist whistleblowers as well as customs informers at any step, from release of information to authorities to legal representation in court.

Pierre Farge’s independent law firm, Farge Associés, guarantees confidentiality to any person aware of danger, risk or scandal related to any field of public or private life (environment, health, finance, tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement).

Farge Associés offers accurate and reliable advice, assisting whistleblowers at every stage, from collection of alerts to their public release, and even providing financial support when possible.

How is the silence broken ?

Some whistleblower protection mechanisms have been introduced into French law recently, most notably by the Sapin 2 law. However, these tools remain unclear, inconsistent, and hard to implement in practice.

Farge Associés offers proven experience and knowledge of existing mechanisms and institutions, so as to build innovative defense strategies, adaptable to any situation or particular case.

Over the past fifty years, whistleblowers have come to represent a new generation of citizens committed to upholding the law and calling out harm and threats to public well-being. Today they truly stand as a democratic counterpower.

All of them have broken silence at work to denounce misconduct and practices against the rule of law. All of them have, in good faith, disrupted their private lives in order to defend public liberties and the public good.

Farge Associés, a law firm deeply committed to the defense of whistleblowers


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